A version of Shada was released on video in 1992 with Tom Baker

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Fake Handbags The scripts, which have pencil scribbled notes by the director Pennant Roberts, are being sold for charity by his widow, Betsan Roberts.In 1979, just as today, Doctor Who was a major part of the BBC’s schedule and Shada was intended to be the six part climax of the 17th season.Location filming took place in Cambridge and the first of three studio shoots went ahead as scheduled but broadcasting unions targeted the programme for industrial action in a long running technicians’ dispute which halted production.Doctor Who launches new logo ahead of upcoming series featuring Jodie Whittaker and fans are dividedOnly about half of the series had been filmed but once the strike was over, studio time was prioritised to Christmas programmes.Shada was dropped from the 17th season in December 1979 and officially cancelled in June the following year.The story revolves around a planet, Shada, on which the Time Lords have constructed a high security prison for some of the Universe’s most dangerous criminals and Skagra, a flawed genius from the planet Dronoid, who wants to create a ‘Universal Mind’ by pooling the knowledge of the universe’s greatest criminals so he can take control.The location of Shada had been hidden by replica bags hermes the Time Lords but Skagra finds out a Time Lord living on Earth replica bags blog and masquerading as a professor at Cambridge knows where it is.Sensing danger replica bags for sale the professor calls for the help of his old friend and prot g, the Doctor.Adams wrote only one other Doctor Who story, The Pirate Planet, for season 16, but he was also the script editor for season 17.Netflix’s Sabrina adds Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez and Chance Perdomo to castHe eventually forced Adams to come up with a last minute replacement but after production was halted Adams spoke about his low opinion of the script and was happy to let it remain obscure.Adams later used elements from Shada in his novel Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (1987).A version of Shada was released on video in 1992 with Tom Baker providing a narration replica bags turkey to cover the missing scenes and last year the BBC released a completed version by recording missing dialogue with the original cast and using animated footage to complete the missing segments.The scripts will be sold by Rogers Jones Co auctioneers in Cardiff, Glamorgan, and are expected to fetch at least Auctioneer Ben Rogers Jones said: “Pennant Roberts is quite a well known TV director and these scripts have his notes written on them in pencil.”Shada is a bit of an enigma. It was written by Douglas Adams, who only wrote two Doctor Who stories, but was never aired because of the BBC strikes in 1979.”It is difficult to value something so unique. But the Dr Who market is very buoyant with fanatics all over the world it has always been a cult, even back in the Tom Baker days.”We’ve given these scripts an auction estimate of but I’ve got a feeling that range will be well and truly exterminated.” Fake Handbags.