But now they add insult to injury by blaming their victims for

so is the diversity within the squad

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It seems fundamentally wrong to house children and their non criminal parents this way. We can do better.”. Nowadays, it Carbon dioxide, and it hermes kelly bag replica blanketing the entire planet, but even as thousands of people are dying from the resulting fires and storms, wealthy business owners like this GOP clown from Ohio are calling the externalities of anthropic climate change “acts of God”. But now they add insult to injury by blaming their victims for provoking God wrath. Progressives know full well that the current economic system is rigged against women, racial minorities, young people, and workers in general, and we are getting a bit sick of this rich splaining from folks who pretend the current unjust economic system rests on inviolable natural laws, rather than emerging from a revisable social contract.

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