For example, even if you complete the repayment of your

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Hermes Replica Handbags You can claim the tax deduction from the year of the commencement of your repayment period.For example, even if you complete the repayment of your education loan within 12 years, the tax deduction under Section 80E can only be claimed for the interest repaid within 8 years of the commencement of your repayment period.Only loans taken for higher studies qualify for tax deduction:Tax deduction under Section 80E is only available for loans taken for pursuing higher education.Even vocational studies and courses pursued outside India would qualify for deduction under Section 80E. However, the courses need to be post senior secondary education.Education loans taken for certain relationships will qualify for tax deduction:Education loan taken for replica hermes garden party bag pursuing higher studies for self, children, spouse or for a student for whom one is a legal guardian would qualify for tax deduction.Thus, parents and legal guardians are eligible to claim the deduction for the interest component paid by them.However, one cannot claim this deduction for education loans taken for his sibling or other relatives. Moreover, only the borrower who has availed the education loan can claim the tax deduction.However, if the loan is taken in the joint names of parent/legal guardian and child/legal ward, then both of them will have the flexibility to claim the tax deduction based on their tax liability Hermes Replica Handbags.