Hence, if they don’t find Bangladeshis, they accuse Indian

uk canada goose outlet The administration’s request to temporarily block other lower court orders for the lawsuits, however, were not successful. The Supreme Court is allowing the plaintiffs’ attorneys to question Justice Department official John Gore, who leads the department’s civil rights division. The administration argues that division needs the citizenship question to better enforce the Voting Right Act. uk canada goose outlet

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uk canada goose “The problem lies in the so called investigation by the Election Commission and the Border Police. Its purpose is only to pander to the prejudices of the Assamese majority and the government, who believe that there are millions of Bangladeshis in Assam. Hence, if they don’t find Bangladeshis, they accuse Indian citizens of being Bangladeshis, grossly violating their citizenship rights and making a mockery of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution,” says Aman Wadud, who takes up cases of suspected foreigners pro bono.. uk canada goose

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