In addition, nearly all of Canada provinces and territories

Conquering the Canadian Recreational Cannabis Market

moncler outlet store Canada medicinal cannabis market is now well established. A number of companies have already advanced operations and consolidated market share. While new companies continue to enter the space, it is becoming a crowded playing field. moncler outlet store

Not so with respect to Canada recreational cannabis market. Recreational ( use cannabis is not yet legal in Canada officially. However, this is now a formality.

cheap moncler coats As virtually all Canadians know, the federal government has announced it will be legalizing the recreational use of cannabis and the final enabling legislation has just been passed in the Senate. In addition, nearly all of Canada provinces and territories have either already created provincial frameworks for recreational distribution or are in the process of doing so. cheap moncler coats

The original date set for legalization was July 1, 2018. Finalizing this important legislative change generated delays, and the new date for full implementation of cannabis legalization (for adult use) is now October 17, 2018. While this new (and enormous) market won materialize overnight, recreational cannabis represents a sub sector providing new opportunities for growth, and new cannabis companies in which to invest.

moncler sale To be sure, many of Canada medicinal cannabis companies have cheap moncler already announced firm plans to seek to penetrate this new recreational moncler outlet online market. The question that moncler outlet investors need to ask themselves is a simple one: will the companies seeking to service both the medical and recreational cannabis markets be as efficient and/or successful as companies seeking to focus only upon recreational cannabis? moncler sale

moncler sale outlet For investors who answer to the question above, one Company that will be attracting a lot of attention is Newstrike Brands Ltd. In a cheap moncler sale conference call with Stockhouse Editorial, CEO Jay Wilgar laid things out in simple terms. moncler sale outlet

The company believes that two of the crucial aspects of the business going forward will be establishing an easily recognizable, distinctly Canadian brand, complimented by an efficient and well executed strategy at all levels of the business.

moncler outlet jackets This is where the recreational cannabis market can be immediately distinguished from the medicinal market. InBev, the gigantic 1 beer multinational, sells more Budweiser beer than any other brand of beer moncler outlet sale in the world. moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet uk Nobody would ever suggest that Budweiser is the world best beer. Neither is it cheaper than other mass produced beers. There is only one reason why people buy more than any other beer: superior marketing. HIP Chief Marketing Officer, Jean Richer, is very familiar with InBev marketing having held a monlcer down jackets senior position there. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet online Companies moncler sale who are also in the medicinal space have to commit a significant proportion of their energy and resources in dealing with operational parameters exclusively connected to medicinal cannabis. Can these companies also execute efficiently producing the new/different products and marketing necessary for success in the recreational market? moncler outlet online

Newstrike operations are geared exclusively toward success in the imminent Canadian recreational cannabis market, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Top 5 Canadian cannabis company. When investors take a look at HIP, what they will see is a cannabis company that already has in place:

moncler jackets outlet A multi faceted strategy to be successful in Canada national recreational cannabis market moncler jackets outlet

moncler factory outlet Industry leading positioning to market its products in the recreational space moncler factory outlet

moncler outlet sale The financial strength ($118 million in cash) to execute on this strategy. moncler outlet sale

This is a vertically integrated cannabis company, meaning that the starting point in the Company operations is cultivation. Discussion of HIP recreational marketing coup will follow.

Newstrike has two Health Canada licensed cannabis cultivation facilities, Brantford and Niagara. The Brantford Studio is HIP original cultivation operation. With the first harvest already completed at Brantford, CEO Wilgar describes the operation as of the most productive cannabis cultivation facilities in Canada. is an indoor cultivation operation, receiving its ACMPR cultivation license in December 2016. This was augmented with an ACMPR sales license in January 2018. The total size of the facility is 14,000 square feet, with 7,600 square feet of cultivation space. Part of this space cheap moncler outlet is devoted to cannabis oils production and the manufacturing of flower products. The annual cultivation capacity is 2,500 kilograms of dried cannabis.

Here was where HIP CEO wanted to make an interesting observation. According to Jay Wilgar, a better metric for measuring the productivity of a cultivation facility is not simply the square footage, nor even the (raw) cultivation capacity. Instead, Wilgar pointed buy moncler jackets to per square foot as the best measurement.

cheap moncler outlet His reasoning was straightforward. Cannabis is non toxic and non addictive. While recreational consumers will be partially influenced by aesthetics like taste and aroma, the primary differentiator among premium cannabis products will be potency. This means (certainly for the Moncler Outlet recreational market) that the best way to define cultivation productivity is THC per sq moncler sale outlet ft. cheap moncler outlet

moncler jacket sale In the most recent harvest at Brantford, one of the Sativa dominant strains that was grown registered a THC level of 28% one of the highest numbers among Canadian cultivators. For those unfamiliar with cannabis chemistry, THC is the only cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties. moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler jackets sale In further discussion, CEO Wilgar indicated that Newstrike is strongly considering using the Brantford facility as a one strain craft growing operation, specializing in the Newstrike cannabis strain that provides the moncler mens jackets highest potency level. Some, most, or even all of this production will be devoted to cannabis oils and derivative products, allowing the Company to maximize margins on this production. cheap moncler jackets sale

Then there is Niagara. Where the Brantford Studio is an indoor craft cultivation operation, Niagara will be HIP large scale production center. Here the process to ramping up operations has cheap moncler jackets been much quicker.

moncler outlet The Company acquired the Niagara property with a 200,000 square foot facility already in place, including a 160,000 square foot hybrid greenhouse. This is a state of the art cultivation facility, fully automated, boasting a style model that is essentially a cultivation assembly line. A steady number of new clones enter the assembly line (and fully grown plants emerge) on a daily basis. While the facility is ideal for cannabis cultivation, it was not previously being used to grow cannabis. moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets A retrofit is underway. The facility is expected to be fully operational by August. The estimated annual cultivation yield is 12,500 kilograms of dried cannabis per year. But construction of HIP Phase II expansion for this cheap moncler coats facility is already underway. cheap moncler jackets

After Phase II, the total size of Niagara will be 360,000 square feet, including a cannabis oils production facility. This will take the total annual cultivation capacity up to 25,000 kilograms, with completion currently projected for Q1 of 2019. Construction is fully funded.

This leads to another one of Newstrike strengths: its balance sheet. With over $118 million currently sitting in the corporate treasury, the Niagara expansion won even put a large dent in that total. What are the plans for all this capital? Here CEO Wilgar became somewhat coy.