Leeches won’t be able to withstand the contact

7) No matter what the owner tells you about the condition of the boat you must employ an independent recommended professional boat surveyor to do a thorough inspection of the hull, superstructure, diesel tanks, water tanks and propeller shaft etc. This will be for your account, which will also include haul out fees charged by the marina. Allow a day to do this..

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After the restoration of democracy in the 1980s, Argentina saw a bonanza of public sector hiring, bloated budgets and extreme tax evasion a toxic combination that fueled one of the globe’s worst periods of hyperinflation. In the 1990s, Argentina seemed to be back. But it was only an illusion, as a new class of free spending rich pumped up by borrowed money, including from the International Monetary Fund ate and drank their way through what became known as “the era of pizza and champagne.”.

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