Middle America and the Rocky Mountain West

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canada goose jacket outlet “But we know it’s multiple factors, and the data just don’t tell us specifically which one.”The data suggests that while the majority of communities across the country experienced a significant increase in suicide deaths, some regions were harder hit than others. Middle America and the Rocky Mountain West, for example, saw some of the biggest increases in suicide rates, suggesting specific cultural and social factors like gun ownership and opioid addiction may be contributing to their high suicide rates.And while media reactions to high profile celebrity deaths often increase the awareness of suicide canada goose outlet store near me and crisis hotlines, these tools alone are not enough. The canada goose outlet toronto location CDC report found that the majority of people who died by suicide didn’t have known mental health diagnoses at the time of death.”We want[people] in the community to be aware of the warning canada goose outlet 80 off signs but also to be aware that there are other factors associated with suicide, such as relationship problems and financial problems,”Stone said.Those at risk of suicide aren’t seeking treatmentWhile mental health conditions are often seen as a cause of suicide, the new CDC data showed that more than half of people (54 percent) who died by suicide did not have a known mental health condition at the time of death.”What that means is that people either did not have a genuine diagnosis or they may have been struggling with mental health challenges and had a diagnosable condition that was either unknown or unreported,” Stone said.There are financial and structural impediments to seeking canada goose outlet mall help, but there are also cultural barriers canada goose jacket outlet.