More than what you say, practice what you preach by allocating

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cheap chloe handbags Knowing that “chance favors the connected mind,” what can today’s executive do to build a company culture that encourages innovation and growth?Establish time for concentration.First things first: before employees can come together and contribute their brightest ideas, they need time and space to discover them. It’s crucial that individuals are able to focus on their biggest tasks with as few interruptions as possible.As a supervisor, establish a system of schedule coordination that allows staff members to block out a window of time (the amount will vary based on your industry) where they can dial down any distractions.Perhaps every Monday and Wednesday from 10 12, a particular employee knows they will be able to direct their attention to a specific project. Equally important, staff members are informed and aware and are discouraged from disrupting unless there is an urgent matter.More than what you say, practice what you preach by allocating a small amount of time in your own workday where you put pen to paper and step away from the screen.Your staff will take note of your commitment to creative thinking, and your actions will set the bar for others to follow.Additionally, as an enthusiastic and considerate leader, your employees should feel comfortable sharing their feedback about how systems could be improved upon. cheap chloe handbags

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