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replica handbags online Theresa May arrives in Argentina for the G20 summit (Image: AFP/Getty Images)Get politics updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThey do not think she is right to claim it is a good deal, nor do they believe it is the only deal and, surprisingly, nor do they buy her pitch that it will end freedom of movement.The public, it seems, are as unimpressed as MPs with the Prime Minister’s sales pitch.What should alarm Downing Street is that Mrs May’s strongest attributes her resilience and sense of duty do not translate into support for what she is replica bags offering.Put simply, voters may admire her but they do no trust her.If you are the main person charged with selling the deal this is something of a problem.When she appeared in front of the Liaison Committee yesterday the sense of frustration from her interrogators was palpable.In answer to almost every question the Prime Minister obfuscated, refused to engage or appeared blind to the point being made. There are sphinxes which have been more forthcoming.Which is one of the reasons as many as 100 Tory MPs have now said they will be voting against her deal.Nor is it clear why Mrs May is neglecting the only constituency which matters the House of Commons for a tour of the country and a TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn to try to flog her deal.(Her trip to Argentina for the G20 was unavoidable).She should be living in Parliament for the next ten days, not visiting farm shows in Wales.Liam Fox will give a speech in Bristol today on the trading opportunities of Brexit.He will claim, apparently with a straight face, that it is time to consign the “divisions of the referendum” to the past.He replica bags wholesale in divisoria will then add: “In politics we cannot always have the luxury of doing what we want for ourselves, but we have an abiding duty to do what is right for our country.”There have been many extraordinary claims made throughout this country’s engagement with the Brexit process but none have been as absurd as the pretence the Tories have placed the interest of the country before their party.Were it not for the internal divisions of a party which, in David Cameron’s replica bags aaa words, was always ‘banging on about Europe’ we would not be in this predicament.Nor would we in a position where the Tory headbangers such as William Cash, Edward Leigh and John replica bags philippines greenhills Redwood now hold the whip hand or where Liam Fox is treated as a vaguely serious figure. Today’s agenda:Theresa May is in Argentina for the G20 Summit.Liam Fox gives a speech in Bristol on how Britain can be a global exporting superpower. replica handbags online

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