Set them up for the whole night not just evening Remember

Cambridge United boss reflects on Royston Town win and looks ahead to Chelmsford CityIt was a third straight pre season win for the U’s last nightJoe Dunne will continue to tinker with systems and formations during Cambridge United’s pre season as he strives to prepare his side for whatever the League Two season can throw at them.The U’s boss tried a few new things in last night’s 4 0 win at Royston Town and admits he will carry on experimenting with his squad, starting in the next friendly at Chelmsford City tomorrow.Injuries played some part in the changes at Garden Walk but they certainly worked as after a difficult first half in which only a Danny Braithwaite own goal separated the sides, the U’s ran away with it after the break through a Reggie Lamb double and an Ade Azeez strike.Dunne said: “Louis John rolled his ankle so missed out and will probably miss Saturday, while Harrison Dunk took a whack but he will be fine for the weekend, and Jabo (Ibehre) will be back too.Joe Dunne reacts to Cambridge United’s 8 1 win over Cambridge City”A few bangs here and there might not be a bad thing though as we’re building and working on different combinations. We pushed George up nearly as a striker tonight at times in the first half and played Jevani Brown in a different position.”That’s what it’s all about getting everybody ready. The key thing is the players need to understand the roles and responsibilities in whatever position we ask them to play, so when I get to August 4 I should be able to pick a team and they know that responsibility.

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