The big unknown is the unpredictability of the winter finches

Project Feeder Watch

Project FeederWatch buy moncler jackets starts each year at the beginning of November, while a few leaves still linger on trees and temperatures have cheap moncler jackets yet to merit the adjective “extreme”. It Goldilocks time not too hot, not too cold. Natural foods are still in supply and have yet to be sealed off by a winter coat of snow or ice. And we still enjoying nearly moncler outlet store 9 1/2 hours of daylight for the birds to forage.

Starting a bird count now lets you ease into the bird counting process for the season. The number of birds that appear during my first counts are never high, once as low as only 32 individual birds and on average, only 48 individuals. cheap moncler That moncler sale outlet quite a bit lower than the monlcer down jackets 70 birds seen on average during the length of a season.

moncler outlet sale These early counts sometimes include a migrant or two, like Fox Sparrows or Red winged Blackbirds. But this year, my blackbirds and native sparrows are long gone, well on their way to their winter homes. I did have a couple Purple Finches pass through to be counted. Purplies nest in my area, but the resident birds left long ago. These two were sure to have been migrating birds, heading perhaps just a little bit further south and to a lower elevation. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet online My hopes for the day were to have a Red bellied Woodpecker show up to be counted. One returned to the yard earlier in the month; now she just needed to show up on a count day. And late on day one, she did and she also returned the second count day as well. This is the first time a red bellied has shown up this early in the fall. Years ago, I didn see them at all, and now they seem to be establishing themselves as a fall and winter visitor. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet jackets My count ended up being a little better than typical, with 13 species and 62 individual birds seen, not counting the 2 overhead Common Ravens. moncler outlet jackets

cheap moncler outlet Have I found that the first count foretells what the whole season will bring? No, I don think so. The big unknown is the unpredictability of the winter finches. cheap moncler sale Word has it that huge flocks of Common Redpolls are on the move in Quebec along the St. Lawrence River, about 500 miles northeast of me. If they show up, all bets are off and bird numbers and counts can soar. cheap moncler outlet

It also seems to me that we had a very good chickadee/nuthatch/tuftie breeding year and that our winter flocks should be large and busy this season. My most desired bird for the count? A return of some Evening Grosbeaks. It been a couple years since they visited and I sure love to have them stop through. I let you know if they do.

moncler sale outlet If you participate in Project FeederWatch, I love to hear what you experienced during your first count. If you don participate, I hope you consider joining and help add to the data about some of our most Cheap Moncler common birds. Each of those nestboxes has 7 eggs in them, for a total of 21 eggs! moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet store While I love having 21 future chickadees in my boxes, and would LOVE to brag about them here, and on Facebook and Twitter, I always cautious because there moncler outlet are many things that could happen to those 21 chickadees before they leave the box (not to mention the dangers AFTER they fledge! But that another post.) A few of those things are out of my control, but many are within my control. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets sale I know there are some specific actions I can choose to do that will increase the likelihood that the nestboxes in my yard will successfully fledge their young. And I think I done most if not all the things that I can. Here what I done: cheap moncler jackets sale

My nestboxes are mounted on poles placed moncler sale outside the moncler outlet online jumping distance of squirrels and protected with squirrel baffles.

moncler jackets outlet My nestboxes have port hole protectors so the holes can be chewed or pecked larger and allow larger cheap moncler coats birds or predators inside. moncler jackets outlet

moncler sale All nestboxes are in areas with little human disturbance. There are trees and shrubs nearby to provide shelter if needed. moncler sale

My nestboxes have drainage holes as well as ventilation slots to help keep the in house environment safe for mom and babies.

cheap moncler jackets I provided an easy source of safe nesting material to help parent birds conserve energy during nest construction. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler coats I don use chemicals on my yard or in my gardens. cheap moncler coats

My cat is kept indoors.

moncler jacket sale I provide a wide range of fresh, quality birdfood, especially those high in protein and fat, to help parent birds easily supplement their nutritional needs. I also maintain 4 birdbaths for an easy source of water to drink and bathe in. moncler jacket sale

I will add live mealworms to my food offerings once the eggs have hatched, providing an easy source of supplemental protein for parent birds to feed the young nestlings.

moncler factory outlet When conducting nestbox checks for NestWatch, I check in the middle of the day, I avoid attracting predators, and I make my visits quick. moncler factory outlet

But things cheap moncler outlet can happen that are out of my control that could make one or more of these nests fail:

moncler outlet uk A parent bird could die, from predation, injury, or from natural causes. moncler outlet uk

Loss of the mother bird during incubation or in the first week or so after hatching could prove fatal to the eggs/nestlings since only the female will incubate and brood the naked nestlings.

cheap moncler Loss of the father would force the mother to spend more time off the nest which would endanger the eggs/nestlings. cheap moncler

A loss of either parent during the nestling stage could moncler outlet sale put the young birds at risk of starvation if the surviving parent can provide enough food.