The option of adjusting of the frame size also goes a long way

In 1953, John F. Kennedy was an up and coming young senator when his father Joseph P. Kennedy invited a sports photographer called Hy Peskin to the family compound in Hyannis Port. You may make a copy for your mother. Or to put in your scrapbook. But not much more than that.

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On a visit to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, I found myself sitting across from a man named Karma Ura, spilling my guts. Maybe it was the fact that he was named Karma, or the thin air, or the way travel melts my defences, but I decided to confess something very personal. Not that long before, seemingly out of the blue, I had experienced some disturbing symptoms: shortness of breath, dizziness, numbness in my hands and feet.

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Cerulean’s parents are hardcore Christians who immediately delivered him to a Jesus shrink. “They were just like, ‘This isn’t right. It could be against God.'” We can’t specifically remember any verses specifically about this, but we suppose they didn’t really have diapers back then..

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