The terrorists involved in the attack

canada goose outlet store He is misusing his position and fast burning the goodwill that he earned as the leader of the movement to restore the judges but now he has moved on to the wrong side of the fence.Apart from the fact that the case is in the Supreme Court and it will finally decide whether the arguments are accepted or not, Aitzaz Ahsan has thrown the entire system and mechanism of governance by PM Gilani into doubt and under suspicion, something very grave for those who have entrusted the highest and the most responsible task in the country to Mr Gilani by entrusting him the job of the chief executive of the country.When Aitzaz Ahsan says that the PM did not apply his mind and signed the summary sent to him by his law minister, law secretary and cabinet secretary “through the process and under the rules”, is he actually saying that on such a sensitive political and legal matter the PM acted as a “postman”, and thus did not commit any contempt of court?Is the PM incapable of reading a summary or he just does what he is told by his favourite appointees? If on such an important matter he is not interested in making a decision himself, what about hundreds of other state matters and who is responsible for those decisions that Mr Gilani has signed into action? Tomorrow if he is caught with any wrong decision, he can come back and say he did not read the summary and signed what was sent to him? Does it absolve him of all his responsibility as the chief executive of the country? Where does the buck stop then? The law minister can also say his secretary sent the summary and he is not responsible, the secretary can pass the blame to his or her additional/joint secretary or even the section officer. It is simply ridiculous.So what Aitzaz Ahsan is saying is just politics and running away from the fact that Mr Gilani is responsible for all his actions andcannot shift the blame to any junior. Every PM would have to accept what his officers send him. canada goose outlet store

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canada goose outlet I was really looking forward to pizza tonight too. Its my favourite food in the world. But I did warn canada goose outlet store toronto you that if you didnt do as I asked then canada goose outlet in montreal we couldnt have pizza. 3. The terrorists involved in the attack, as in canada goose outlet store uk the past cases, are likely to be volunteers and not members of the suspect terrorist groups. canada goose outlet 2015 This is the strategy which al Qaeda has been utilising over the past seven years. canada goose outlet

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