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“The bugs in our gut affect our energy metabolism, making it easier to break down carbohydrates, protein, and fiber,” researcher Jonathan Scheiman said in a press release from the American Chemical Society. “They are also involved in inflammation and neurological function. So perhaps the microbiome could be relevant for applications in endurance, recovery, and maybe even mental toughness.”.

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But, whoever gets to the top three will still play the playoffs with the opportunity of getting a slot as a wild card. Being at a wild card also means doubling efforts to bag the championship in the playoff. None the less, we want our teams to give their all in every match.

No hand is safe either, by the way. But, in constructing the below list of the toughest missing body part characters, the “favorite toy” of men everywhere (not just Theon) gets the old chop more than any other organ or limb. You want to count the Unsullied? There are 8,000 missing schlongs in that army (less now after Casterley Rock, but still).

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