This, too, was part of Veidt’s elaborate plan to ensure world

If you’re constructing a building, creating new technology or other project that is ongoing, set up separate line items. This allows you to pay bills as needed but gives the project manager clean, easy to generate reports of how costs compare to the budget. Entering costs of the project into the general ledger at a later date means processing the same invoices twice.

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The only two remaining heroes who aren’t either the bad guy or on Mars decide to check out Veidt’s office for clues about what the fuck is going on. After logging in to Veidt’s computer, Nite Owl and Rorschach find evidence that Veidt is behind everything and travel to his Antarctic hideout to confront him leaving New York just in time to avoid an attack that kills half the city’s population. This, too, was part of Veidt’s elaborate plan to ensure world peace by uniting the countries against a fictional enemy (aliens in the comic, Dr.

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