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replica handbags online HomeWhat’s OnWhat’s On NewsKings CollegeThe 31 colleges of Cambridge UniversityVisitors can get a glimpse at more than 800 years of history inside the 31 collegesFrom the oldest college, Peterhouse, established in 1284, to the most recent, Robinson College, founded in 1979, each of the 31 colleges are independent, self governing communities.If you didn’t manage to land a spot at the university, you can still get a glimpse inside each college.Some charge a small fee, although most allow visitors to enter free.They offer limited hours during exam time and are sometimes closed for a concert or other event, so make sure you check replica bags in bangkok the College website before you head for a tour.Read MoreTop tourist attractions in CambridgeRead on to learn fun facts about each of the 31 colleges.1. Christ’s College Founding: Established in 1505 by Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII and influential patron of education and religionFun fact: Charles Darwin once graced the halls of Christ’s College. Visitors can spot a bronze sculpture of the famous biologist perched on the edge of a bench, looking pensively into the distance2. replica handbags online

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